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Bandages are an item used to heal combatants in the Castle Wars minigame. They can be found on the table in the start room. Right-clicking the table gives an option to take many bandages. Bandages restore 10% of a player's life points (rounded down) and restore 30% of a player's run energy.

By wearing a castlewar brace the amount healed will be increased by 50%. You can use bandages with other players to heal them.

After the game has ended, all bandages in a player's inventory will disappear.


  • With the update on 27 May 2010, the aid symbol on the bandages changed from red to green to comply with the International Red Cross's emblem trademarks. The International Committee of the Red Cross actively discourages use of the symbol in computer games.[1]
  • Around 2007, bandages were smuggled from Castle Wars and used in the Duel arena when food and drinks were disabled. They allowed the abuser to heal because the bandages were not counted as prohibited consumables and gave them an advantage. Since then, the smuggle has been patched.


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