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This article is about bans that apply in-game. For information on bans that apply on this wiki, see RuneScape:User block policy.
Pillars no offences

An account can be in the bottom, middle, or top zone on either pillar. One pillar represents ban offences, and the other represents mute offences

Quashed offence

A quashed offence.

No blackmarks

Historically, accounts could be in green, yellow, orange or red zones, depending on the number of black marks.

A Ban may be given for repeated violation of the Rules of RuneScape. An account starts off with 0 out of 10 black marks, but this may increase if the player breaks the rules. The account is in the green zone if it has no black marks, though changes through yellow, orange and red as offences accumulate. The black marks and the zone can change suddenly if the player commits serious offences. Offenders may be banned or just muted, and either may be temporary (for example, for 24 hours) or permanent. Muted players cannot type freely in the chat interface (though they are able to use Quick Chat), but banned players are unable to log into the game at all. Players who are banned are also not allowed to vote in polls or go on the forums at all.

Guard Knox

A player with more than 10 blackmarks

Generally, players are permanently banned after 10 blackmarks. But if certain appeals are made, players may result in more. You will be on a last chance, in which case any more offences will get you permanently banned, unless another last chance appeal is made.

There was once an area called The Black Hole in the Dwarven Mine area of RuneScape Classic where banned players were sent for an indefinite amount of time. However, this was later removed. Players could exit The Black Hole by using a Disk of returning.

A division of Jagex known as Customer Support currently handles bans and blocks.

As of 11 May 2009, Jagex no longer hands out Black Marks, but instead archives the offence. They have also quashed some offences.

Game bansEdit


The ban notification for RuneScape Classic

Ban Expired Message

The message that occurs after the temp ban timer reaches 0

Game bans restrict players from access to their accounts, usually for violating one of the Rules of Conduct. If the player appeals their ban, it may be accepted, either restoring the account completely or with a permanent mute.

Permanently banned or muted players may be offered a "last chance appeal". The Game Guide says: "If you are permanently banned or permanently muted and have appealed all open offences, you may be given the option to make one final appeal in order to regain your account. Please be aware that if your appeal is accepted or you or permanently muted and have no further chances to appeal your offences."

Also, take in mind that if you're permanently banned from the game, you will not be able to access the forums or vote in any polls.

Forum bansEdit


Players may be banned from the RuneScape Forums.

Bans from the RuneScape Forums are for essentially similar reasons to those in-game. However, they also include flaming and spamming; while spamming in-game is an offence, many players do not realise this and it often goes unreported.

If a player is muted or banned from the game, they are also automatically banned from the forums. If a player is muted or banned from the forums, they are not necessarily banned from the game.

Players can also be permanently banned from the forums; This can happen when you spam, troll, advertise websites, or break any other Jagex Rules in the Forums. Permanent forum bans may affect the in-game status of the account, so if you get permanently banned from the forums, you may also be permanently muted in-game, or any other punishment may be given to your in-game status

Instant permanent bansEdit


Players may be instantly banned for Staff impersonation.

  • Some forms of bug abuse will cause a player to be permanently banned.
  • Macroing will cause an instant permanent ban.
  • Trading items for real world items can result in a permanent ban.
  • Account hijacking may cause an instant permanent ban.
  • Some forms of Website Advertising can result in a permanent ban as well.
  • On some rare occasions, the parents of an underage player may request the developer to instantly ban the account. In these cases, legal involvement is usually required. An affidavit signed by the parents is required to disable the account, and therefore the account will not reopen automatically past a year from the actions taken. In these cases, the only way to reopen the account in question is for the minor to prepare an affidavit cancelling the previous one (this action is only possible once the player has reached the age of 16), or for the parents to consent and sign the affidavit.

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