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Balthazar's Big Raffle was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Balthazar's Big Raffle
For the raffle event in 2016, see Summer of Adventure.

Balthazar's Big Raffle (previously known as Surprise September) is a members-only event for the month of September in which players can turn in Raffle tickets to Balthazar at Burthorpe lodestone for a chance to win a prize every day. Players can earn two tickets a day: one for speaking to Balthazar, and another from either meeting up with a Jagex Moderator (2014) in game, finding Gilly Willikers (2015), or completing a daily challenge. Each ticket handed in increases the chances of winning a prize, although each player can only win one prize per drawing.


The raffle returned with new and returning prizes in September 2015. It also sees the introduction of Balthazar's Bargain Barrel, which requires a rummage ticket to be rummaged through for various rewards. Leftover tickets from the 2014 raffle can't be used, and when trying to use them you get a message that these are fake and will be taken from you. If a ticket does not win the daily prize, a bonus XP star (small) is received as a consolation prize. Players in Ironman Mode are unable to participate.[1]


Day Prize Quantity
Monday Spring cleaner (preloaded with 250 springs)

250 springs (if the cleaner is already owned)

Tuesday 100,000,000 100
Wednesday 5x Large protean packs 40,000
Thursday Portable deposit box 40,000
Friday 3x Deathtouched darts 20,000
Saturday Golden Barrows equipment (Guthan, Ahrim & Verac) 3,000 (1,000 of each)
Sunday Golden Barrows equipment (Dharok, Karil & Torag) 3,000 (1,000 of each)


The 2014 raffle ran from 1 September 2014 until the 30 September 2014.

Additional tickets could be obtained during the 2014 raffle by trading in any 10 uncompleted rival challenge tokens, which were only obtainable via Treasure Hunter from 12 September 2014 to 15 September 2014. A maximum of 2 tickets extra could be received per day, bringing the grand total of additional tickets that could potentially be earned by any player during the Rival Challenges promotion to 8 tickets.

Winners were picked and prizes given out the following day. Each player could only win one of the daily prize, regardless of how many tickets had been entered. If a ticket does not win the daily prize, a small XP lamp was given as a consolation prize.


Day Prize Quantity
Monday 100,000,000 100
Tuesday Golden godswords 2,500
Wednesday Golden warpriest armour 5,000
Thursday 3 Deathtouched darts 20,000
Friday Portable deposit box 40,000
Saturday Silverhawk boots (comes with 250 charges)
250 Silverhawk feathers (Only if boots are owned)
Sunday Skilling outfit piece
500,000 (If all pieces (excluding the Skill outfit add-ons) are owned)

JMod TimesEdit

A JMod would appear on worlds 98 and 124 or 138 at Lumbridge Crater to hand out tickets at set times each day. Tickets are given using the same mechanic as RuneScape Roadtrip - a blast goes out from the mod giving an item to everyone inside the radius. The scheduled times in UTC are as follows:

  • 03:00
  • 09:00
  • 14:00
  • 19:00
  • 23:00

These can be converted into local time zones here.


  • If you try to enter 0 tickets into the raffle, Balthazar will respond with "You want to enter zero tickets into my raffle? I don't even..."
  • If you try to enter more tickets than you have, Balthazar will respond with "Reported! You don't have that many tickets..." and "Don't trade with [player name]! They tried to scam me!" will appear above his head, visible to all players.
  • If you try to enter tickets from the previous year, Balthazar will respond with "What's that there? They look like fakes! Give me those!" and take them from you.
  • If you enter 1 ticket into the raffle, Balthazar will respond with "Just one ticket entered? Lovely jubbly! Good luck!"
  • If you enter 2-6 tickets into the raffle, Balthazar will respond with "Woah! You really want to win! Come back to see if you won something."
  • If you enter 7 or more tickets into the raffle, Balthazar will respond with "Wow! Tickets to burn! Come back to see if you won something."
  • If you enter 10 or more tickets into the raffle, Balthazar will respond with "Wow...really? Tickets to burn! Number of tickets entered: <AMOUNT>[sic]
    Remember to come back tomorrow and I'll check if you've won a prize."
  • Balthazar's response of "One, two, many...erm...lots?" when asked how many tickets have been entered into that day's raffle is likely a reference to the Discworld novel series.
  • Even if you won 500,000 coins, it would still announce:
Friend announcementNews: Player has received a piece of skill outfit from the RuneScape Raffle!
  • If a prize won from the 2014 raffle was never claimed, upon speaking to Balthazar during the 2015 raffle players will receive a message indicating they had won but will be given nothing along with the announcement:
Friend announcementNews: Player has received from the RuneScape Raffle![sic]


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