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Classic Runestone
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Ball of wool
Ball of wool
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable No
Noteable Yes
Value 5 coins
High alch 3 coins
Low alch 2 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price 5-6 coins
Exchange price 653 coins (info)
Buy limit 5,000
Examine Spun from sheeps' wool.
Weight 0.012 kg
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Ball of wool detail

A Ball of wool is used in the Crafting skill to create jewellery. It can also be used to make some items on a loom. It is created by using wool with a spinning wheel, which grants a player 2.5 Crafting experience.

Balls of wool can also be purchased for 5 coins from the seamstress Oronwen in Lletya, Jofridr Mordstatter in Neitiznot, Aemad of Aemad's Adventuring Supplies (the general store in East Ardougne), or from the Carefree Crafting Stall in Keldagrim, each of whom stocks 100 unnoted balls of wool. Hamab's Crafting Emporium also supplies them again for 5 coins. They can be obtained as drops from ice trolls and imps, or from baby implings using the Hunter skill.

At level 10 Crafting, four balls of wool can be used to make a strip of cloth at a loom, giving 12 Crafting experience. (The strip of cloth, a quest item, should not be confused with the bolt of cloth, a Construction item.) A ball of wool is also required to string amulets, giving 4 Crafting experience. Members with at least level 80 Magic may alternatively may use the lunar spell String Jewellery to string amulets without using balls of wool, provided they have competed Lunar Diplomacy.

Balls of wool were formerly used in the quest Sheep Shearer, but players must now gather 20 balls of black wool to prevent people from simply buying balls of wool for an easy quest completion.

Balls of wool can also be used on your cat to play with them, which is one of the ways of preventing a kitten from running away out of loneliness. This will not consume the ball of wool.

Balls of wool are required to weave any of the 9 milestone capes at a loom. For each cape, one ball of wool is needed for per level requirement; that is, one is needed to make the Milestone cape (10), two to make the Milestone cape (20), and so on.

Dropping monsters Edit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Imp2; 71Common
Baby implingN/A (hunter)1Common


This item can be disassembled with the Invention skill.
Disassembly XP ?0.1
Item quantity required ?1
Base junk chance ?98.9%
Total materials received ?1
Possible materials
Simple parts Simple parts
Variable components Variable components

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