Balek is a boy who lives in Varrock. He works alongside his father, the bartender at the Blue Moon Inn, clearing tables. He often claims his father owns the tavern rather than just works in it. He is friends with Jonty and Kherian.

Near Christmas one year, Balek was working in the Blue Moon Inn clearing tables when three heroes - Ariane, Ozan and the Raptor - came in. He went to find Jonty and Kherian to boast about it, as the Raptor was Kherian's hero. They went to the Blue Moon Inn and saw the heroes. Kherian, desperate to attract the attention of his hero, threw a snowball, striking the warrior. The Raptor demanded an explanation and Kherian repeated the phrase they had overheard the Raptor saying, much to the warrior's satisfaction.[1]

He appears only in the lore story Worth Comes in Battle.


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