Balanced Strike
Balanced Strike
Release date 4 March 2013 (Update)
Members Yes
Skill Attack
Level 85
Type Ultimate
Adrenaline −100%
Equipment Any
Cooldown 120 seconds
Strike your target, restoring balance. If you have a smaller percentage of your lifepoints than they do of their lifepoints, your target will take the difference as a percentage of their life points in damage. You will be healed for half the difference as a percentage of your life points. Be cautious: if you have more health than your target the effects will be reversed! You will take the damage and they will be healed!
Balanced Strike
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Balanced Strike is an ability received as a reward for completing the quest The World Wakes. Balanced Strike is a double-edged ability. Unlike other abilities, damage with this ability is based on the player's and monster's health, and not by any other means. For example, a player with 5000/10000 health (50%) that fights a target that has 9000/10000 health will deal 4000 damage and heal from half of the hit. However, if the monster has less health than the player, the player will be dealt damage while the monster will be healed for the difference in health percentage, so players should watch the monster's health to ensure that they do not accidentally use the ability and be left with a low amount of life points. Additionally, be aware that sometimes, if the target is too far away, the ability will be used, but will not land a hit (this is different from hitting a 0). This is particularly dangerous if a player is on low health and is relying on getting health back from this ability.

If both the user and target are at 100% health, the ability will not deal any damage at all.

The maximum amount of health that balanced strike can heal on a target is 32,000.

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