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Bal'lak the Pummeller is one of the Kal'Gerion generals summoned to this realm by Bilrach and is a boss of Daemonheim guarding floors 33 through 35, requiring a Dungeoneering level of 65 to encounter and fight. He held the title of the boss monster with the highest Dungeoneering level requirement until 19 August 2010, when Yk'Lagor the Thunderous took over, who in turn has since been superseded by Kal'Ger the Warmonger. However, Bal'lak is still the boss monster with the highest Dungeoneering level requirement in F2P. Bal'lak is a brown demon with dual warhammers and a large horn on his head. He can use it to charge at his victims if he doesn't try to smash them to a pulp. In addition, he can send forth magical skulls from his hammers, which deal magical damage.

Bal'lak will use melee and magic, often dealing 200 or more damage with each hit. He also has a special attack that will damage everyone around him in melee range two times in one attack, whilst also briefly disabling their protection prayers. Bal'lak has very high life points and low defence for his level, but his defence rises over time causing him to take significantly less damage. Standing under him for too long will often result in over 300 life points of damage.


Level Life points
91 10,000


When entering the room, players will see an orange bar begin to fill at the top part of the screen. This is his "defence power"; every second it will gradually go up and when it fills completely, damaging him will become impossible. As Bal'lak is attacked he will split rifts in the ground and cause bubbling pools of noxious fumes to appear on the floor. Each pool causes rapid damage to players standing in the 3x3 square surrounding it, similar to the effects of poison. Bal'lak should be lured near one of these pools to weaken his defence, with each being able to reduce up to 30% of his defence bar. However, it drains players' defence as well. It is important to note that this bar determines how much your accuracy is reduced, as you will still deal damage if you land a successful hit. Occasionally, multiple puddles are found clustered together. If the player can successfully lure Bal'lak over the cluster of puddles, his defence will be reduced at a relatively faster rate.

Bal'lak will often target an individual player and attack them for most of the fight. A strategy for teams is to agree before entering that whichever player Bal'lak targets has the responsibility of leading him towards these pools. By this method a good team can stop his defence ever rising past 30% and will find he dies rather quickly. Be careful not to stand on or near the portal itself.

A safer but slower strategy is to continually attack him (without worrying about his defence bar) and then use Gatestone Teleport if his defence bar rises over half. Waiting outside of the room reduces the bar, allowing players to enter the boss room again and continue the offensive. All party members must leave the boss room for the bar to reset. Many cosmic runes are recommended. Alternatively, the Group Gatestone teleport may be dropped in the room adjacent to the boss, and players use Group Gatestone Teleport instead. This eliminates the possibility of players forgetting to set up a new gatestone after teleporting.

The ideal strategy for higher level players is to ignore the pools and just attack with melee. If soloing, you may only have to teleport out if the difficulty is set to 5:5. Otherwise, the boss should be dead before its defence becomes an issue.

While protection prayers and deflection curses are frequently disabled by this boss, he cannot deactivate any other prayers and curses.


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Novite warhammerNovite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Bathus warhammerBathus warhammer1RandomNot sold
Marmaros warhammerMarmaros warhammer1RandomNot sold
Kratonite warhammerKratonite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Fractite warhammerFractite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Zephyrium warhammerZephyrium warhammer1RandomNot sold
Argonite warhammerArgonite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Katagon warhammerKatagon warhammer1RandomNot sold
Gorgonite warhammerGorgonite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Promethium warhammerPromethium warhammer1RandomNot sold
Primal warhammerPrimal warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand novite warhammerOff-hand novite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand bathus warhammerOff-hand bathus warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand marmaros warhammerOff-hand marmaros warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand kratonite warhammerOff-hand kratonite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand fractite warhammerOff-hand fractite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand zephyrium warhammerOff-hand zephyrium warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand argonite warhammerOff-hand argonite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand katagon warhammerOff-hand katagon warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand gorgonite warhammerOff-hand gorgonite warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand promethium warhammerOff-hand promethium warhammer1RandomNot sold
Off-hand primal warhammerOff-hand primal warhammer1RandomNot sold
Mysterious chronicleMysterious chronicle1CommonNot sold
Kal'gerion notes (part 1)Kal'gerion notes (part 3)1CommonNot sold


Audio options icon
When using his special attack


  • The Smuggler says that Bal'lak's weapons "split rifts in the ground, causing noxious fumes to rise from the level below."
  • Yk'Lagor the Thunderous and Bal'lak seem to have a personal grudge against each other, as Yk'Lagor states in the Postbag from the Hedge that Bal'lak's name is pronounced "Nuck-kul-head"[1]- that is, the insult "knucklehead".
  • Luring the Pummeller onto his rifts is a Daemonheim Task.
  • Bal'lak the Pummeller's multi-target magic attack resembles Iban Blast.
  • Bal'lak received an audio update on 18 October, 2010, applying an audio voice to his special attack.
  • Players originally received experience for hits on Bal'lak that had been blocked by his defence bar. As a result, seeing the XP counter increase did not necessarily mean a damaging hit was guaranteed. This was a glitch that was indirectly fixed by the Evolution of Combat update.
  • The portals may be examined, and they say "Strange energies are flowing out of the portal."
  • Bal'lak's name could be derived from the Mayan god Buluk, the god of war, violence, sudden death, and human sacrifice. Buluk was often seen as a fire spitting demon.


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