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Bakriminel bolt shafts detail

Bakriminel bolt shafts are the shafts made from bloodwood logs cut from the Bloodwood tree. Level 93 Fletching is needed to fletch the logs – 10 shafts will be cut from 1 log. The logs MUST be fully fletched at least 2 squares close to the tree after cutting via the Bakriminel bolt tips attached to the shafts; moving further away from the tree will cause the logs to disappear. No experience is given for cutting the logs.

The shafts can be made into Bakriminel bolts by combining them with Bakriminel bolt tips. Each bolt created will give 13 Fletching experience. As with the shafts themselves, the bolts must be created at the bloodwood tree with at least 93 Fletching.


  • Attempting to disassemble bolt shafts prompt the message: You cannot disassemble bolt tips.

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