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Release date 9 September 2002 (Update)
Race Human
Members only Yes
Quest NPC Sea Slug Quest, The Slug Menace, Salt in the Wound
Location Fishing Platform, first floor in a room
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine He smell of fish...
Bailey chathead
Bailey infected chathead

Bailey is the keeper of the Fishing Platform, and plays a relatively important role in the quests Salt in the Wound, The Slug Menace and the Sea Slug. He also makes a small appearance in the quest Kennith's Concerns.

Throughout the first three quests of the Sea Slug quest series, he tries his best to get rid of the sea slugs and manages to evade being mind-controlled, but finally succumbs during Kennith's absence from the fishing platform in Salt in the Wound.


During Sea Slug, he is the only one on the Fishing Platform who is not possessed by the sea slugs. He discovers the slugs' weakness is heat so you can continue your search for Kennith.

During The Slug Menace, he makes you sea slug glue to glue together fragments, making Page 3 of Maledict's holy book.

After Kennith's Concerns, Kennith is taken to him by his parents to be able to find a way to prevent him from abusing his powers again. And both are trying to rid the fishing platform of sea slugs.

During Salt in the Wound, he is ultimately possessed by a Sea Slug during Kennith's absence from the Fishing Platform. In his mind-controlled state, he unwittingly provides blood from a willing thrall, one of the items needed by the player. After the quest, players can talk to him and find out that he has lost memory of what happened and can feign ignorance when he asks about the cut on his arm and the pain from being punched repeatedly.

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