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Normal Wildy Jungle Desert

Freezy chathead
Freezy (Wildywyrm) chathead
Freezy (Jungle) chathead
Freezy (Desert) chathead

Freezy is a pet baby Ice Strykewyrm. It costs 100 co-op points to obtain and is only available in a Slayer master's store. There is no skill requirement to acquire Freezy but you must complete 100 Social Slayer tasks, which can be given by any Slayer Master. Three alternate skins for Freezy are available at the cost of 125 co-op points, allowing Freezy to appear as a Wildy, Desert or Jungle Strykewyrm.

In conversation, Freezy tries to act like a scary Ice strykewyrm, but due to his small size he does not do very well. He will also refuse to answer what he looks like underground, as it's a strykewyrm secret, and the elder strykewyrms would get mad at him. In one conversation he will show you his scary icebreath, which is little more than a bit of snow.



  • When using an item on Freezy, a chat box will open saying "Freezy takes (the item) before returning it, slightly cold and damp."
  • Freezy sometimes stays behind when a player teleports, and will only resume following the player if called, or if the player returns to the area.
  • Although normal Ice Strykewyrms require a Slayer level of 93 to kill, there is no Slayer level requirement in order to obtain this pet.

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