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Baby basilisk chathead

A Baby basilisk is a pet that a player can buy for 40 Zeal points in Soul Wars or from Stanley Limelight for 480 thaler. A stuffed or unstuffed basilisk head is needed to buy one. It eats eyes of newt. It does not grow into an adult version.

The baby Basilisk will say "Yummy!" every time you feed it.



  • The Baby Basilisk will occasionally shout "I will blind you" or "My eyes feel like burning, My eyes feel like burning!" or "Don't look into the light!"
  • The text "Don't look into the light" might be a reference to the film Poltergeist, in which the mother says: "Don't go into the light, Carol-Anne".
  • The Baby Basilisk has the same examine text, and 'sayings' (like the above), as the Minitrice.
  • The Baby Basilisk mistakes the player for its mother; this commonly happens through a process called 'imprinting' in real life; for example if the first thing a duckling sees is a human it will follow it and mistake it for its mother.
  • One of the quotes refer to an old question "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

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