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It is possible to use a Zaryte bow with any of the methods mentioned below. Using the Zaryte bow will make all factions unaggressive.

Aviansie are level 89-95 monsters that use either long-ranged melee or range attacks against players. They are followers of Armadyl, so at least one Armadyl item must be worn to prevent aggression. Aviansie are well known for their four noted Adamant bars, which are currently worth 10,668.


God Wars Dungeon map

Aviansie can be found in the God Wars Dungeon in the south west area of the dungeon. See the map to the right for where you can find them.


As aviansie are flying creatures, melee attacks do no damage to them. Attempting to use melee will result in a message saying "The aviansie is flying too high to hit with melee." When fighting aviansie, they have a special "sense" which, upon being targeted, will attack the player when they click on it. Their attacks are extremely accurate, even capable of hitting often through level 85 tank gears.

Aviansie are weak to bolts, so when killing them a high-level crossbow should be used to achieve faster kill rates. Magic can also be used, but they are more resistant to magic attacks, and kill rates will be slightly slower while maging.

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