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Avaryss, the Unceasing is an Avernic demon and one of the generals of Zamorak's army in The Heart. Along with Nymora, the Vengeful, she is one of the Twin Furies.

During the God Wars, she and her sisters hunted and killed those who broke their oaths with Zamorak. After Zamorak returned, they led a pack of hellhounds to hunt down the remaining Dragon Riders loyal to Zaros, eventually finding Morvannon and tearing her apart, even though she had changed sides. Satisfied with their work, they continued their services to Zamorak, although they would eventually learn many years later that Morvannon may have had an egg, despite the common belief that the Illujanka were infertile.

At some point after the God Wars, Avaryss' and Nymora's sister was killed by Gregorovic. The duo continued their service for Zamorak, while searching for Gregorovic at the same time so they could exact their revenge.

When Zamorak returned to Gielinor in the Sixth Age he pointed out that it was possible that Morvannon's dragon Gorvek could have escaped with an egg. Though the sisters desired revenge on Gregorovic for their sister's murder, Zamorak refused to let them do so until they had eliminated the Ilujanka child. This eventually led them to The Heart where they met both Gregorovic and the Dragon Rider Vindicta, who had survived their genocide millennia ago.

Avaryss yells at Helwyr after the latter attempts to have his revenge on Gregorovic for killing his clansmen, stating that she and Nymora will get their revenge on him for killing their sister. After a short but heated discussion, the two call upon the forces of Zamorak to claim the Heart in his name.

80 Ranged is required to face these Twin Furies.


At 0% reputation each kill is worth 28,473.38 coins in uniques alone, if the player has 100% reputation this number increases to 56,946.76 coins.

100% dropEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Seal of the FuriesSeal of the Furies[1]1–3AlwaysNot sold

Main dropEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
CoalCoal552–596 (noted)Common72,312–78,076
Uncut diamondUncut diamond18–25 (noted)Common69,084–95,950
Uncut dragonstoneUncut dragonstone8–12 (noted)Common90,680–136,020
Coins 10000Coins60,339–79,427Uncommon60,339–79,427
Grimy dwarf weedGrimy dwarf weed15–25 (noted)Uncommon39,075–65,125
Infernal ashesInfernal ashes163–249 (noted)Uncommon177,996–271,908
Magic logsMagic logs180–241 (noted)Uncommon93,780–125,561
Raw sharkRaw shark45–55 (noted)Uncommon57,060–69,740
Rune 2h swordRune 2h sword5–10 (noted)Uncommon185,095–370,190
Rune barRune bar9–11 (noted)Uncommon126,252–154,308
Runite oreRunite ore10–15 (noted)Uncommon118,860–178,290
Wine of ZamorakWine of Zamorak18–22 (noted)Uncommon162,720–198,880
Blade of AvaryssBlade of Avaryss1Very rare (1/512)[2][3]1,049,779
Blade of NymoraBlade of Nymora1Very rare (1/512)[2][3]1,001,701
Crest of ZamorakCrest of Zamorak1Very rare (1/512)[2][3]12,256,347
Zamorakian essenceZamorakian essence1Rare (1/128)[2][3]67,636
Dormant Anima Core helmDormant Anima Core helm1Very rare (1/512)[2][3]119,152
Dormant Anima Core bodyDormant Anima Core body1Very rare (1/512)[2][3]119,820
Dormant Anima Core legsDormant Anima Core legs1Very rare (1/512)[2][3]120,368

Tertiary dropsEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Sigil piece (Zamorak)Sigil piece (Zamorak)1AlwaysNot sold
Rare drop tableRare drop table1RareNot sold
Avaryss' braidAvaryss' braid1Very rare[4][5]Not sold
Nymora's braidNymora's braid1Very rare[4][5]Not sold
  1. ^ 1–2 in normal mode; 3 in challenge mode
  2. ^ a b c d e f g The drop rate of this item can be increased with faction reputation. At 100% drop increase, the drop rate of this item is doubled. The drop rate of this item is increased in challenge mode. The drop rate of this item has its denominator multiplied by 0.99 when wearing a Luck of the Dwarves ring.
  3. ^ a b c d e f g Mod Timbo. "Revealing Drop Rates." 13 October 2017. Developers' Blogs.
  4. ^ a b Has a base drop rate of 1/2,000 (normal mode) or 1/1,000 chance (challenge mode), with a threshold of 400. This is not affected by the increased drop chance reward from reputation.
  5. ^ a b One roll for each pet per kill of the boss.



  • Her name is a play on the word "avarice".
  • Prior to a patch on 4 April 2016, players were able to receive duplicate drops of the same pet if they did not own both Ava and Nylessa pets. E.g. Avaryss' braid could be dropped multiple times after the user unlocked the pet, but before they have unlocked Nylessa pet.
  • Prior to 18 April 2016, killing both the Twin Furies only granted 1 message for the Adventurer's Log. They now both have a separate message.

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