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Ava's Odds and Ends
Ava's Odds and Ends
Release date 12 December 2006 (Update)
Members Yes
Minimap icon None
Location Draynor Manor
Owner Ava
Specialty Arrows
Fletching supplies
Ava location

Ava's Odds and Ends is a shop that sells fletching supplies and arrows. It is run by Ava. It is located in the western room of Draynor Manor. To gain access to the room, head inside the manor through the front door, then head through the door on the western wall. Once inside the next room look for a candle on the western wall and click it to reveal a secret door way into the next room. Your character will automatically walk inside to the room that Ava resides in.

Note: In order to access her shop, the Animal Magnetism quest must first be completed.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Feather Feather 1,000 6 coins 2 57 51,000
Iron arrow 5 Iron arrow 1,000 20 coins 12 20 0
Steel arrow 5 Steel arrow 1,000 46 coins 27 16 -30,000
Iron arrowheads 5 Iron arrowheads 1,000 26 coins 15 11 -15,000
Steel arrowheads 5 Steel arrowheads 1,000 36 coins 21 54 18,000
Facts about "Ava's Odds and Ends"RDF feed
Is members onlyYes
Sells itemFeather +, Iron arrow +, Steel arrow +, Iron arrowheads + and Steel arrowheads +
Store JSON{ "name": "Feather", "stock": "1000", "price": "6", "currency": "coins" }, { "name": "Iron arrow", "stock": "1000", "price": "20", "currency": "coins" }, { "name": "Steel arrow", "stock": "1000", "price": "46", "currency": "coins" }, { "name": "Iron arrowheads", "stock": "1000", "price": "26", "currency": "coins" } and { "name": "Steel arrowheads", "stock": "1000", "price": "36", "currency": "coins" }

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