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This article is a strategy guide for Automaton.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.

Automatons are some of the strongest non-boss creatures found on RuneScape. They have some of the best rare drops in game (their level 85 gloves) and all of their drops are noted/stackable (apart from RDT), allowing you to stay there for long periods of time without banking due to no inventory space.

Getting thereEdit

Guthix's Cave entrance location
  • Using the map above, you can use the Ardougne Lodestone and walk northeast to the excavation entrance.
  • Using the map above, you can use the Seer's Village Lodestone and walk southeast to the excavation entrance.
  • When you have completed all of the required quests, you can grab a Sixth-Age circuit from the Guthixian High Druid and instantly teleport to the monument.
  • Use the Fairy ring code B-L-R, which lands you outside of the Legends' Guild, and walk northwest to the excavation entrance.


Quest Quests:

Large ChamberEdit

Upon asking the Guthixian High Druid for a teleport (you can also right click him), you will end up in the large chamber of the room. The Automatons are not aggressive despite their high combat level, so do not worry about being instantly killed upon arrival.

There are seven Automaton Guardians in the middle, along with eight Automaton Tracers and Automaton Generators on both sides. You can go deeper from the path in the middle to find two of each Automaton listed above. The elevator also gives a quick way out if you need to leave. You can also leave by the opening that you used to reach Guthix during the quest.


Each Automaton has extremely accurate attacks that can hit up to 800. They also have a special attack where they pound the ground, dealing rapid and heavy damage of their combat style which cannot be partially protected by Protection Prayers, Deflect Curses and Anticipation. It can be interrupted by using a stun on them and, as long as it hits, you won't take any damage from the attack for as long as the stun lasts. Debilitate can reduce the damage taken from the special attack.

Automatons have extremely high combat stats, along with high life points for their level.


It is recommended that your weapon is at least level 75, as the automatons have very high defence and anything lower will have trouble hitting them.

Melee Edit

Recommended equipment for Melee
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head slot Full slayer helm (on task) Malevolent helm Torva full helm Bandos helmet Verac's helm
Neck slot Dragon rider amulet Brawler's blood necklace Blood amulet of fury Brawler's knockout necklace Amulet of fury
Cape slot Completionist's cape TokHaar-Kal-Ket Max cape Skillcape Dragon Rider cape
Torso slot Malevolent cuirass Torva platebody Bandos chestplate Verac's brassard N/A
Legs slot Malevolent greaves Torva platelegs Bandos tassets Verac's plateskirt N/A
Weapon slot Drygore mace Tetsu katana or Lava whip Chaotic weaponry or Attuned crystal dagger Korasi's sword or Abyssal vine whip N/A
2h slot Noxious scythe Dragon rider lance Chaotic maul Saradomin sword Verac's flail or Guthan's warspear if using full set
Off-hand weapon slot Off-hand drygore mace Tetsu wakizashi Off-hand chaotic weaponry or Off-hand attuned crystal dagger Jessika's sword or Enhanced excalibur N/A
Ammo slot Tirannwn quiver 4 Tirannwn quiver 3 Tirannwn quiver 2 Tirannwn quiver 1 N/A
Gloves slot Razorback gauntlets Torva gloves Bandos gloves Culinaromancer's gloves 10 Ganodermic gloves
Feet slot Steadfast boots Torva boots Bandos boots Ganodermic boots N/A
Ring slot Ring of death Sixth-Age circuit Ring of wealth N/A N/A
Aura slot Vampyrism aura Penance aura Inspiration aura Knockout aura N/A
Pocket slot Charming imp Gold accumulator N/A N/A N/A


Recommended equipment for Ranged
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head slot Full slayer helmet (on task) (Superior) Death lotus hood Pernix cowl Armadyl helmet Karil's coif
Neck slot Dragon Rider amulet Farsight blood necklace Blood amulet of fury Farsight sniper necklace Amulet of fury
Cape slot Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Xil Max cape Ava's alerter / Skillcape Dragon Rider cape
Torso slot (Superior) Death lotus chestplate Pernix body Armadyl chestplate Karil's top N/A
Legs slot (Superior) Death lotus chaps Pernix chaps Armadyl chainskirt Karil's skirt N/A
Weapon slot Ascension crossbow Death lotus dart Chaotic crossbow / Attuned crystal chakram Armadyl crossbow Karil's pistol crossbow
2h slot Noxious longbow Zaryte bow / Royal crossbow / Attuned crystal bow Hand cannon Crystal bow Karil's crossbow
Off-hand weapon slot Off-hand Ascension crossbow Off-hand death lotus dart Off-hand chaotic crossbow / Off-hand attuned crystal chakram Off-hand Armadyl crossbow Karil's off-hand pistol crossbow
Shield slot Elysian spirit shield Vengeful kiteshield Eagle-eye kiteshield Armadyl buckler Dragonfire shield (ranged)
Ammo slot Ascension bolts / Araxyte arrow / Tirannwn quiver 4 Royal bolts / Tirannwn quiver 3 Hand cannon shot / Tirannwn quiver 2 Bolt rack / Tirannwn quiver 1 N/A
Gloves slot Ascension grips Pernix gloves Armadyl gloves Tracking gloves Swift gloves
Feet slot Pernix boots Glaiven boots Armadyl boots Demon slayer boots Spined boots
Ring slot Ring of wealth / (Superior) Leviathan ring Archers' ring (i) Onyx ring (i) Sixth-Age circuit Dragonstone ring (i)
Aura slot Vampyrism aura Penance aura Reverence aura Inspiration aura Supreme / Master / Greater / Sharpshooter aura
Pocket slot Charming imp Gold accumulator N/A N/A N/A


Recommended equipment for Mages
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
Head slot Full slayer helmet (on task) / (Superior) Seasinger's hood Virtus mask Hood of subjugation Ganodermic visor Ahrim's hood / (Superior) Void knight helm if Safespotting
Neck slot Amulet of souls / Amulet of fury (t) Arcane stream necklace Amulet of fury Dragon Rider amulet Amulet of glory
Cape slot Completionist cape TokHaar-Kal-Mej Max cape God capes Cape of Accomplishment
Torso slot (Superior) Seasinger's robe top Virtus robe top Garb of subjugation Ganodermic poncho Ahrim's robe top / (Superior) Elite void knight top if safespotting
Legs slot (Superior) Seasinger's robe bottom Virtus robe legs Gown of subjugation Ganodermic leggings Ahrim's robe skirt / (Superior) Elite void knight robe if safespotting
Weapon slot Seasinger kiba Attuned crystal wand Virtus wand Abyssal wand Ahrim's wand / Crystal wand
2h slot Staff of darkness Attuned crystal staff Chaotic staff Staff of light Ahrim's staff / Crystal staff
Off-hand weapon slot Seasinger makigai Attuned crystal orb Virtus book Abyssal orb Ahrim's book of magic / Crystal orb
Shield slot Arcane spirit shield Farseer kiteshield Spectral spirit shield Ward of subjugation Dragonfire shield (magic) / (Superior) Void knight deflector if safespotting
Ammo slot Tirannwn quiver 4 Tirannwn quiver 3 Tirannwn quiver 2 Tirannwn quiver 1 N/A
Gloves slot Static gloves Spellcaster gloves Virtus gloves Gloves of subjugation Culinaromancer's gloves 10 / (Superior) Void knight gloves if safespotting
Feet slot Ragefire boots Virtus boots Boots of subjugation Warpriest boots Ganodermic boots
Ring slot Ring of wealth Seers' ring (i) Asylum surgeon's ring Onyx ring (i) Sixth-Age circuit
Aura slot Penance Reverence Vampyrism Invigorate Runic accuracy
Pocket slot Charming imp Mask of Sliske N/A N/A N/A

If mages opt not to safe spot Automaton Guardians, it might be suggested to err on the side of caution and possibly wear Ganodermic armour for the increased defence.

If sixth-age circuit isn't used, then a ring of wealth is suggested due to the increased drop rate of gloves.

Blood equivalents of the 3 Dungeoneering necklaces (arcane, brawler and farsight) and fury are recommended, but aren't ideal due to the cost incurred in acquiring said necklaces over their slightly inferior base versions.

Attuned crystal weapons are slightly superior to the original tier 80 versions, but due to the time spent in getting the dust and attuned crystal weapon seeds required to get them, they aren't recommended.

Use of tier 90 armour isn't encouraged given the general profitability of Automatons if a glove drop is not acquired.


Prayer potions and Soul Split are recommended if melee or ranged is being used, as this can reduce or negate the need for food entirely, especially if using ranged. Players without access to Soul Split should bring food and/or use Regenerate, Guthix's Blessing or Enhanced Excalibur. Players with 95+ Prayer should use Turmoil, Anguish or Torment, depending on their combat style, to achieve the fastest kills possible.


For melee, it is recommended to kill the Tracers, or Guardians if using Turmoil. Due to having to be within melee distance users will be the most vulnerable to the automatons' special attack. With drygores it is very easy to kill the automaton before it can perform the special attack. This is also possible with Chaotic weapons but the kill speed is slower, meaning the risk of being hit by the special attack is significantly higher. To kill them quickly, you should chain together high-hitting threshold abilities such as Assault, Slaughter and Destroy if dual wielding. Damage from the special can be reduced significantly if Debilitate is used, also, If you do get caught in the special attack, it is possible to interrupt it with a stun and prevent further damage.

It is not recommended to fight the Generators without Turmoil as the attack bonus provided with Piety is generally not sufficient to hit consistently.


For rangers, it is recommended to kill Generators. Automaton Generators are weak to arrows specifically, therefore the noxious longbow is slightly more effective than ascension crossbows. A royal crossbow, dual wielded chaotic crossbows or zaryte bow (attuned crystal bow) will also provide fast kills, provided that potions are used. Rangers will be able to avoid the automatons' special attack completely as long as they stay at least 3 squares away. Players who want to kill Tracers can also use ranged, as it does decent damage and allows them to keep their distance and avoid the special attack. It is possible to safe-spot the guardians with ranged, but this is not recommended as even with level 80 weapons it is nowhere near as effective as using magic.


For mages, it is recommended to kill Guardians. They are weak to fire and blood spells. Guardians are only able to use melee and can be safe-spotted, making it possible to kill them indefinitely without food or prayer. A safe spot can be behind a pillar near the chamber entrance, along the wall near the elevator or near the entrances to the rooms where the bosses were fought in the quest. The Impact ability can stun them (providing you are using level 75+ weapons) all the time, and you should be able to kill one before the stun's effect wears off. You can kill the Tracers or Generators with magic, however killing the two will be slightly longer and ineffective due to their increased magical resistance.

Automaton GuardiansEdit

Automaton Guardians are renowned for dropping the exclusive static gloves; formidable magic gloves that are currently the best non-degradable magic gloves in the game. Guardians attack with only melee which gives the opportunity for the player to safespot them if they are available safespots. Being melee-based monsters, they are weak to magic and in particular fire spells.


  • Melee attack - ordinary attack that can hit over 800. It is advised to keep your distance while fighting Guardians as their attacks are accurate and capable of killing unprepared players.
  • Pulse attack - special attack that hits around 1100 each time. This attack happens at regular intervals and only affects players if they are a couple squares within reach of the Guardian. Guardians who are far away and use this special attack will not harm the player. If a player within the vicinity of the attack does not move away they will be killed within seconds so moving out of the way is a must!



A good action bar setup for a mage would be:

  • Wrack
  • Sonic Wave
  • Dragon Breath
  • Impact
  • Asphyxiate
  • Combust
  • Wild Magic
  • Metamorphosis
  • Sunshine
  • Omnipower
  • Regenerate (ability)
  • Guthix's Blessing

Use the best spell you can - it is a good idea to take advantage of their fire spell weakness by using fire surge or Blood Barrage. The way to be able to camp here without using supplies is going by the rule of trying to keep away from the Guardian being able to touch you. This is a similar strategy with Char during her rage mode, although much less dangerous if contact occurs. The use of the curse Torment is recommended due to its magic boosts which speeds up kill rates significantly. Using air surge with an Armadyl battlestaff can prolong killing Guardians as the staff gives an infinite supply of air runes and being a higher tiered weapon making it a good choice.

Auras such as inspiration aura and invigorate can speed up the use of higher levelled abilities. Runic Accuracy is a magic-based aura which makes spells more accurate and another good choice to help speed up kills. A Scrimshaw of Magic can be used to increase critical hit chance as another aid for faster kills.

Automaton guardian safespot

One of the possible safespots.

Once a Guardian has been attacked, it should be lured behind a storage wing's lower wall and then proceed with the kill while maintaining at least three squares of distance away from the Guardian to avoid being hit by the pulse attack which is deadly.

Be careful when using the abilities Chain and Dragon Breath as they can hit other Automations nearby - including Automaton Tracers and Automation Generators - causing them to attack the player. Use abilities accordingly on the Guardian until they are killed and repeat the process of luring them behind an obstacle to safely kill them without taking damage. If a player is heavily damaged they could use the curse Soul Split and/or Blood Barrage to recover lost life points.

Due to the fact that you can safespot these monsters and thus take no damage, power armour is recommended, as the damage boost can help speed up kills and lead to more profit per hour. 

Familiars may be used; Wolpertingers are a good choice if Overloads are not being used for the magic boost to increase accuracy and damage dealt. A Vecna Skull can be used as the lowest alternative to a continuous magic level boost item. For players who are new to killing Automatons, using a storage familiar such as Pack yak may be a good idea to carry extra food for inexperienced hunters. Familiars such as the Moss titan and Unicorn stallion which heal when their scroll is used can also be a good choice for inexperienced players although note that the usage of a summoning scroll will deplete adrenaline by 10% every time one is used.

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