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This article is about monsters from Guthix's Cave. For the monsters from Plague's End, see Trahaearn automaton.

Automatons are level 115 creatures found in Guthix's Cave (west of Legends' guild) after completing The World Wakes quest. The quests Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The Firemaker's Curse, The Branches of Darkmeyer, The Void Stares Back and The Chosen Commander are required to access the cave. They require 67 Slayer to be assigned and killed. All automatons are capable of doing a special attack in which they slam their hands on the ground multiple times dealing 700+ damage per shockwave. They are noted for dropping the Static, Pneumatic and Tracking gloves, which are the strongest gloves in all of RuneScape, besides the Razorback gauntlets, Ascension grips, and Celestial handwraps (their level 90 equivalents).

Types of automatons:

Other automatons are:


  • Automatons are the first post-Grandmaster quest monsters that can be assigned by a Slayer master.
  • According to the Guthixian High Priest, Cres was responsible for creating Automatons. After his death, the priest tells the player that without Cres, the automatons have become highly aggressive towards anyone. However, despite this, they are not aggressive at all.
  • Automatons have been seen performing their special attack even when they aren't being attacked, sometimes causing them to target the closest player. This happens when the automaton has been previously attacked by a player who has left the area.

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