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Auto Retaliate is a Combat option that allows the player to choose whether his/her character fights back when attacked. Players can turn it on or off by going to the action bar and clicking the icon that says "Auto retaliate (On)/(Off)".

This option is helpful if the player wants to run through an area with lots of monsters that have Aggressiveness, run away from attacking players, or just not fight back when attacked.

It is recommended to turn Auto Retaliate OFF when players are in an area with traps.

You can find the auto-retaliate button near the adrenaline bar.

  • When Auto Retaliate is ON, the player's character walks/runs towards the monster (or player) attacking and fights back.
Auto-retaliate off
  • When Auto Retaliate is OFF, the player's character just stands where he/she is and takes the hits from the monster, or another player.

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