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Aurora armour
Release date 1 June 2013
Members? No
Components 5
Recolourable Yes
Available colours
These cosmetics will not display
in PvP-enabled areas.
Aurora helm chathead

The Aurora armour set was available through purchasing either a £20/$25 game card or new 3 month membership subscription between 1 June to 31 July. It is a five-piece-cosmetic override, consisting of a helm, a cuirass, greaves, gauntlets and boots. In addition, it comes with an aurora longsword and an off-hand version. It is not available from Solomon's General Store.

On 22 October 2013, the set became available to all those who had purchased the Gold Membership Package.



  • The armour was only available for 3 months membership, and wouldn't be received if more than 3 months were purchased.

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