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Audio developers are a team of Jagex employees who create and compose the various music tracks found in RuneScape. There are currently 1203 music tracks in the game, each composed by various different people, excluding jingles and unlisted music tracks as well as a number of remixes found solely on the website.

Audio developers also work on other, smaller parts of audio for the game. This can include sound effects, or refining existing tracks.


This is not a definitive list of all audio developers, rather those that are notable.
Current RuneScape audio developers (wrong?)
Image Name RSN Role Employed
Ian Taylor Jagex moderator crown Mod Ian Audio Developer 1999
Stephen Lord Jagex moderator crown Mod Lord Head of Audio 2011


Audio developers that work on other projects (wrong?)
Image Name RSN Role Employed
Grace Docksey Jagex moderator crown Mod Grace Audio Developer 2008
Audio developers that have left Jagex (wrong?)
Image Name RSN Role Employed
Chris Jolley Audio Developer 2006─ 2009
Iain Hetherington Audio Developer 2008─ 2009
Michael Manning Audio Developer 2011─ 2015
Adam Ritchie Jagex moderator crown Mod Adam R Sound Designer 2009─ 2014
Adam Bond Jagex moderator crown Mod Bond Audio Developer 2006─ 2017[1]
Dan Atkinson Jagex moderator crown Mod Dan A Audio Developer 2006─ 2008
Sam Jones Audio Developer 2009─ 2011


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