Not to be confused with Augury.
HumanZombieChristmas 2017
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC No (Rune Mysteries previously)
Location(s) Varrock
Sells items Aubury's Rune Shop
Gender Male
Examine Runes are his passion.
Aubury location
Aubury chathead

Layte Aubury is the owner of the Aubury's Rune Shop in Varrock. He is also a Master Wizard of the Wizards' Tower and acts as their representative in Varrock to ensure that the order is supported by the crown. He stocks many free-to-play runes, including chaos runes and death runes. Players can also ask him to be teleported to the Rune Essence mines, even if they have not completed Rune Mysteries. When he teleports players, he utters senventior disthine molenko! He is a friend of Mikasi the Magic Tutor and a close associate with the Archmage Sedridor of the Wizards' Tower.

Aubury Teleport

Aubury teleporting a player to the Rune Essence Mines

During the Rogue Trader activity, players will ask Aubury to supply Ali Morrisane with runes, and Aubury will agree. After the completion of Rogue Trader, players might get cheaper runes from Ali Morrisane, provided they are able to solve a puzzle.

As of 2 September 2009, with the personalised shops update, Aubury now offers 30 free air and mind runes if the player trades him, much like his friend Mikasi of Lumbridge used to. The runes restock when bought, but rather slowly, at least half an hour's time to fully restock. The runes will not be restocked until the period of time has passed, even if you should change into another world, though your log-out time does count for this restocking period. After the September 2009 update, Mikasi no longer gave out any jobs or runes, but she had heard of Aubury's free samples and suggested that the player go there to seek such supplies. Mikasi has now been removed with the 2012 Evolution of Combat update.

On 4 April 2011, Larriar replaced Aubury as the runecrafting cape seller, and so Aubury does not wear the cape anymore.

2011 Christmas EventEdit

Aubury also attended the 2011 Christmas Event Banquet. Zimberfizz is to the right of him and Wizard Shug is to the left two seats down across an empty seat.

2017 Christmas eventEdit

During the 2017 Christmas event, Aubury helps by creating an energy rift which is used to attempt to first bring the clockwork gnome to life by itself and once again along with Doc and Orla Fairweather's methods.



  • If you ask Aubury at the 2011 Christmas event banquet how his shop has been doing, he will say that "It is a lot quieter these days" and "Teleporting people to the rune essence that many times in a day gets tiring". This is a reference to the recent bot nuke.
  • Aubury originally sold the Runecrafting cape. On 5 April 2011, the cape transferred to Larriar, making it the third skillcape to change seller, after the Slayer and Strength capes.
  • Prior to the rework of Rune Mysteries in 2012, it was Layte who discovered the secrets of runecrafting.
  • In the 2017 Christmas Event, Aubury is seen wearing a purple trimmed version of the Runecrafting cape, possibly a reference to when he was the previous cape seller.