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This article is about the troll. For other uses, see Ash (disambiguation).

Ash is a troll chef on Death Plateau. Trolls are named after the first thing they eat, so he probably ate ashes. Ash stands next to Dung at the centre of the Plateau just in-front of the Cooking pot they both maintain. He sometimes argues with Dung about the best way to prepare human for lunch. Ash argues that humans taste better when boiled into stews. When the player searches the Cooking pot in My Arm's Big Adventure the troll cooks attack with weak ranged attacks, hoping to put you in the stew for dinner.

If a familiar attacks it, it is level 84, has 3,000 LP and is weak to stab.


  • Mod Ash designed the Troll Quest series, so he included himself in the game as this character.

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