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Art and Graphics Team are a team of Jagex employees reponsible for making all of the Environment, Character and Concept art for RuneScape.


The role of the Artists Team at Jagex is to create all of the game texture and models, also most of the concept arts.



Picture Name Nationality Role
N/A Mod Alex N/A Senior Environment Artist
Mod Alfred Mod Alfred N/A Artist
N/A Mod AoB Irish Environment Artist
Mod Biscuits Mod Biscuits N/A Senior RuneScape Animator
Mod Chambers Mod Chambers N/A Character Animator
N/A Mod Clumsy Portuguese Character Artist
N/A Mod DBarker N/A Lead Concept Artist
N/A Mod Damo N/A Character Artist
Mod Deadly Mod Deadly N/A 3D Artist
Mod Ghost Mod Ghost N/A Artist
N/A Mod Hing N/A Animator
N/A Mod JT N/A Junior 3D Character Artist
N/A Mod NicePants Swedish Concept Artist
Mod Ry Mod Ry N/A Junior Artist
N/A Mod Sparky N/A Junior 3D Character Artist
N/A Mod Stead N/A Associate Art Director
Mod West Mod West N/A Junior Artist
N/A Mod Whalefis N/A Art Director
N/A Mod Wing N/A Animator
N/A Mod Yann N/A Senior Concept Artist