For the standard variant, see Arrow shaft.
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Arrow shaft (Dungeoneering) detail

These Arrow shafts are essentially the same as the ones found outside of Daemonheim. However, they are made from branches instead of logs, and each one gives exactly 0.3 experience. Another difference is that you will not gain any coins from casting either high or low alchemy on the shafts. They may be obtained by using a knife upon any set of branches obtained while dungeoneering.

Branch type Level requried Experience gained Number of arrow shafts made
Tangle gum branches 1 2.5 15
Seeping elm branches 10 6.3 21
Blood spindle branches 20 7.8 26
Utuku branches 30 9.6 32
Spinebeam branches 40 11.1 37
Bovistrangler branches 50 12.9 43
Thigat branches 60 14.4 48
Corpsethorn branches 70 16.2 54
Entgallow branches 80 17.7 59
Grave creeper branches 90 19.5 65

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