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Arrav's heart detail

Arrav's heart was taken by Zemouregal after his battle against Arrav and is the key item in the curse he uses to bind Arrav to his will. Zemouregal keeps the heart in his base, with lots of security, but it is stolen during The Curse of Arrav. When the player goes to speak to Akrisae, Idria and Thaerisk in Falador, Ali the Wise appears and provides information about the Mahjarrat and Arrav. He gives the player Arrav's heart in a canopic jar and instructs the player to set the heart up at the Ritual site. The closer the heart is to Arrav, the better chance he will be pulled away from Zemouregal's power.

Players can set up Arrav's heart on a snowy rock south of the Ritual stone. Once Arrav is released, players must lure him near his heart to break Zemouregal's spell.

It also features in Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav quest where the player once again will prepare it with the canopic jar to return it to Arrav.

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