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Armour gizmo shells are used in the Invention skill to generate perks for use on an augmentable piece of armour.

Using an armour gizmo shell opens an interface allowing you to combine different materials to generate perks. This creates an armour gizmo which can then be used on an augmented item to give it the perks.

Discovering this device requires level 16 Invention. Success in creating the blueprints earns 628 Invention experience. Creating an armour gizmo shell requires 10 deflecting parts, 5 crafted parts, and 2 protective components.

Gizmo materials

Adding materials to a gizmo


Armour gizmo shell Armour gizmo shell
InventionCraftingMake-X GE icon
550 XP50 XP-
Invention Invention level16
Blueprint (Invention) Discover: Augmented armour
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Deflecting partsDeflecting parts10N/A-
Crafted partsCrafted parts5N/A-
Protective componentsProtective components2N/A-



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