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This article is about the platelegs version. For the plateskirt version, see Armadyl armour set (sk).
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Armadyl armour set (lg) detail

An Armadyl armour set (lg) is a set of Rune god armour made by exchanging all the components of a set of Armadyl rune armour with a Grand Exchange clerk. The set is purely to save space and for use in trading. It is made with, and can be exchanged for, an Armadyl full helm, an Armadyl platebody, Armadyl platelegs and an Armadyl kiteshield. When wearing any piece of the armour, Armadyl followers will not be aggressive towards the player in the God Wars Dungeon. The items included, like all Treasure Trails god armour, cannot be received as a drop or made with the Smithing skill.


Armadyl Armour Grand Exchange cost
Armadyl full helmArmadyl full helm43,789 [view]
Armadyl platebodyArmadyl platebody57,397 [view]
Armadyl platelegsArmadyl platelegs47,410 [view]
Armadyl kiteshieldArmadyl kiteshield36,887 [view]
Total price185,483
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Components and bonusesEdit

Mainhand infoOff-hand info Attributes Strength bonus
Armadyl armour set (lg) equipped
A male player wearing an Armadyl armour set (lg).
Style Dmg Acc Style Dmg Acc Defence-icon Constitution-icon Prayer-icon Attack-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
Armadyl full helmArmadyl full helm - - - - - - 170 0 1 - - -
Armadyl platebodyArmadyl platebody - - - - - - 195 0 1 - - -
Armadyl platelegsArmadyl platelegs - - - - - - 187 0 1 - - -
Armadyl kiteshieldArmadyl kiteshield - - - - - - 170 0 1 - - -
Totals - - - - - - 722 0 4 - - -


  • This armour is identical to the Saradomin armour set in all aspects, apart from the trim being a silver-grey shade, Armadyl's symbol on the platebody and two additional wing-shaped accoutrements on the top of the kiteshield. This is both a reference to Armadyl's relationship with Aviansie, as well as his beliefs being similar to those of Saradomin.

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