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An Armadyl armour set is a set consisting of an Armadyl helmet, chestplate, chainskirt, boots, gloves and buckler. It can be exchanged at a Grand Exchange clerk to receive all of the pieces or to put all of the pieces back into the set.

The Armadyl armour set is a drop that can be obtained from the God Wars Dungeon that requires 70 Defence to wear. It is classed as Power armour.

Being power armour, this set offers less defence than its Barrows counterpart Karil's, but it has a Ranged bonus and additionally a prayer bonus as well.

Components and BonusesEdit

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Armadyl helmetArmadyl helmet25901-17-2,799,007
Armadyl chestplateArmadyl chestplate29802-26-3,673,818
Armadyl glovesArmadyl gloves6401-11-2,874,726
Armadyl chainskirtArmadyl chainskirt28501-22-3,625,193
Armadyl bootsArmadyl boots6401-11-3,188,384
Armadyl bucklerArmadyl buckler297351---2,916,608

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