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Ardougne teleport lever location

The lever's location.

Deserted Keep

The lever's destination, in deep wilderness.

The Ardougne teleport lever is located in the west section of East Ardougne, just north of the gate separating the two cities. It teleports the user to the Deserted Keep, deep in the Wilderness. It is used for deep-wilderness Treasure Trails clues and access to places such as the Mage Arena, Wilderness Agility Course, and Chaos Elemental.

The lever can be used to teleport from the Wilderness back to Ardougne, unless the player has been teleblocked. A knife or a slash weapon is required to cut the web on the northern part of the peninsula to leave the enclosed area.

There is also a bank reachable from the house to the north-west of the lever, right next to the Mage Arena.

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