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Ardougne cloak 1
Ardougne cloak 1
Release date 20 October 2009 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
Value 0 coins
High alch 0 coins
Low alch 0 coins
Destroy You can get another cloak of this type from Doctor Orbon in Ardougne.
Store price Not sold
Examine A shadowy Ardougne cloak.
Weight 0 kg
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Ardougne cloak 1 detail

The Ardougne cloak 1 is a reward from completing the easy Ardougne Tasks given to you by Doctor Orbon in East Ardougne church, and can be retrieved from him for free if lost.

Combat StatsArdougne cloak 1 equipped

A player wearing the cloak

Skill requirements
CombatSwords HybridCape slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Strength bonuses
Monastery (Kandarin) teleport


When worn
Operate cape
  • Teleport to the monastery south of Ardougne, with unlimited charges
At all times


  • This cape used to be common among Pkers as it used to have a good prayer and stab bonus for its free cost.
  • The cape appears to "wink" at the player as the angle you are looking at the cape turns.
  • The Monks at Port Sarim will not allow the player to go to Entrana if they are wearing the Cloak as it gives attack bonuses.
  • On the back of the cape appears to be a Highwayman mask, a tribute to the many players that train thieving in Ardougne's market.
  • When teleporting, the Saradomin Symbol appears at the player's feet.
  • When teleporting if you look close enough you can see your player's hair through a helmet.
  • If you are being attacked and use the teleport, none of the damage done to you through the teleportation animation applies.

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