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Not to be confused with East Ardougne or West Ardougne.
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Ardougne (pronounced "Arr-doyn") is a city in the realm of Kandarin which was under the rule of King Ulthas Ardignas until he died in the Year 136 in the Fifth Age (according to display case 47, north-east top floor, Varrock Museum). His sons, Tyras and Lathas, divided it into the two sections; East Ardougne and West Ardougne due to the rivalry between them. King Tyras eventually left on a crusade in to the Elven lands in the west, abandoning West Ardougne to a terrible plague. The city of Ardougne is named after the River Dougne, upon which it is located. This is similar to Lumbridge, which is named after the River Lum. This may in turn be inspired by the real-life city of Cambridge, the home-town of Jagex, which is located upon the river Cam.

Ardougne was made the capital of Kandarin in year 98 of the Fifth Age and has remained so since. East Ardougne was ruled by King Lathas and West Ardougne was governed by King Tyras and is accessible only by members who have started the Plague City quest. The city is now governed by King Thoros, Lathas's cousin - this change in governance occurs following Plague's End. Both districts are members-only.


There have been a lot of questions as to how "Ardougne" is pronounced. Many players believe it to be pronounced "Ahh-doug-nee" or "Ahh-doon".. However, the official pronunciation guide on the RuneScape website gives the pronunciation as "arr-DOYN".[1]

Eli Bacon's voiceover mispronounces it as "Arr-doug-nee" during Bringing Home the Bacon; However, this may be the result of an attempted country dialect.

According to the Meeting History quest (released on 5 August 2008[2]), it is pronounced "Ar-doy-in." When speaking with Laura from Meeting History, she asks what Ardougne is, but her speech is transcribed as "Ardorn". This gives insight into how to correctly pronounce Ardougne. This is most likely just a simple term that Jagex has used to make the storyline more enjoyable, and it is still pronounced the same way.

According to issue 35 of Postbag from the Hedge, it is pronounced "Arr-doyn".[3]

The final confirmation is given during Carnillean Rising, wherein a number of voiced NPCs pronounce Ardougne as Ahhdoyn.


  • Ardougne is split in two by a great wall, similar to the real-world Berlin Wall during the Cold War. It could also be a reference to the peace lines in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • The name may have been adopted from Ardoyne (a district in Belfast, Northern Ireland) or Ardoyne (a rural area in Aberdeenshire, Scotland) which are pronounced in the same way.
  • Like the other 2 capitals of the human countries, Varrock and Falador , Ardougne also has 2 banks, one in each half of the city (North and South). It can be noted that capitals may often contain 2 banks.
  • In the Spanish language worlds, the name of the city is hispanicized to Ardoña.

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