Ardignas is a line of kings in the westernmost human province on the mainland of Gielinor, Kandarin. The line is a fairly short one, beginning in 101 of the Fifth Age and continuing in the present day. It is probable the line was founded by the Saradominist survivor of the the Great Battle, but this is uncertain. The brothers of Tyras and Lathas, ruled over the city of Ardougne in two parts, Tyras in the West, and Lathas in the East, until Tyras' assassination on an expedition to the west.

Following the Ardougne Revolution, Lathas's cousin, Thoros, was crowned king of Kandarin.


Unknown †

Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Carnilleans Ruling family of Ardougne Incumbent


  • According to The Times of Lathas, a book in the Outpost, the Ardignas family rose to power in 98 of the Fifth Age, although other sources suggested there were three years between the battle and the monarchy. This was fixed on 13 March 2017.

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