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Arctic Pine
Arctic pine
Release date 6 February 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Logs Arctic pine logs (121 coins)
Cannot be grown
Examine A hardy evergreen pine.

Arctic pines are trees that can be found growing on the Fremennik isle of Neitiznot. They can be cut down using the Woodcutting skill, giving Arctic pine logs and 140.2 Woodcutting experience, requiring level 54 Woodcutting. Arctic pine logs can be split, yielding an extra 42.5 Woodcutting experience per log. There are several pines north of the south-western-most bridge in Neitiznot, with a woodcutting stump for splitting the logs, and a pile to deposit the split logs.

Like Teak and Mahogany trees, arctic pine logs cannot be cut into bows using the Fletching skill, attempting to will result in a message saying "You can't fletch that". Arctic pine logs can be burned at level 42 Firemaking for 125 experience. The leprechaun's magical banking ability from chopping Evil Trees can be used to bank the Arctic pine logs.

During and after The Fremennik Isles quest, arctic pine logs can be crafted on woodcutting stumps, to make Fremennik round shields and split logs. Fremennik round shields, which take two logs to make, also require a bronze nail and rope to complete. Split logs are used to repair bridges on Neitiznot during The Fremennik Isles. 54 Woodcutting is needed to do this.

If a tinderbox has been placed on the player's tool belt, logs can be removed from a players inventory without delay by placing arctic pine logs on the action bar. By holding down the hotkey that the logs are bound to, the player will repeatedly attempt to light every log of that type in their inventory several times each game tick.

Woodcutting arctic pines gives between 54,000, with level 54, and 90,000, with level 99, Woodcutting experience per hour. At level 99 Woodcutting a player using beaver familiars, a legendary lumberjack aura, full lumberjack clothing, perfect juju woodcutting potions and a superior log-splitting scrimshaw can gain 142,000 experience an hour. Using crimson skillchompas in addition to these boosts can grant around 160,000 Woodcutting experience an hour. Using crystallise and light form as well as beaver familiars, a legendary lumberjack aura, full lumberjack clothing, perfect juju woodcutting potions and a superior log-splitting scrimshaw with level 99 Woodcutting can give around 226,000 experience an hour.


  • Arctic Pines used to be the only tree that had a swaying animation. They moved in a light breeze, which may have reflected Neitiznot's peaceful nature. However since the Bakriminel update on 20 March 2012, the trees have been changed and no longer have the swaying animation and are now covered in snow.
  • An arctic pine is required for one of the hard Fremennik Province Tasks - make a barbarian pyre ship from arctic pine; 52 Firemaking and 52 Crafting required.

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