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Archery ticket detail

Archery tickets are earned at the Ranging Guild while playing the target shooting activity and can be exchanged for Ranged items. Players receive one ticket each round for every 10 points they get in the Ranging Guild's shooting contest.

This is not a recommended method of getting ranging weapons and armour, as players are better off earning money and buying these items.

Ticket exchangeEdit

Players can exchange archery tickets for barb bolttips, studded bodies, rune arrows, coifs, green dragonhide bodies, or adamant javelins. The ticket exchange does not always grant a gain in gold, which is why it might be advised to sell the tickets for a better profit.

Exchange rateEdit

Item Tickets Grand Exchange value Coins per archery ticket
30 barb bolttips 114 1,890 coins 16.6 coins
Studded body 51 981 coins 19.2 coins
50 rune arrows 1020 7,550 coins 7.4 coins
Coif 12 381 coins 31.8 coins
Green dragonhide body 856 3,949 coins 4.6 coins
20 adamant javelins 292 1,360 coins 4.7 coins

Alternatively, players can just sell the archery tickets themselves for 10 coins each.


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