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For the potion flask version, see Antipoison++ flask.
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Antipoison++ detail

Antipoison++ are made by mixing clean irit and magic roots in a vial of coconut milk, requiring 79 Herblore and giving 177.5 Herblore experience.

Super strong anti-poison potions cure poison and provide the longest possible immunity to poison, which is 12 minutes. This makes them far more useful than other types of anti-poisons, eliminating the need to drink constantly.

This potion is rarely made through Herblore, because the ingredients cost significantly more than the finished potion. However, it is dropped from several monsters as well as obtained as a reward from elite clue scrolls, which is enough to satisfy the demand. For example, the Corporeal Beast drops it in stacks of 40. Much of the demand for it comes from people doing Araxxor, training on the guards or doing the quest on Ape Atoll, or killing wyverns. Another common use is for the Pyramid Plunder activity.

If your antipoison is about to run out you'll get the message: "Your immunity to poison is about to expire."

Price per DoseEdit

Item GE price Price per dose
Antipoison++ (1) Antipoison++ (1) 724 724
Antipoison++ (2) Antipoison++ (2) 1,430 715
Antipoison++ (3) Antipoison++ (3) 9,327 3,109
Antipoison++ (4) Antipoison++ (4) 14,255 3,564


Antipoison++ (4) Antipoison++ (4)
Herblore-Make-X GE icon
177.5 XP-14,255
Herblore Herblore level79
P2P icon Members only?Yes
Antipoison++ (unf)Antipoison++ (unf)1N/A-
Magic rootsMagic roots17,5647,564


This potion can be made into an antipoison++ flask by using at least six doses of it with a potion flask. Players do not need a specific level to turn potions into flasks.

Production costsEdit

Herb Material cost Profit Profit/XP
Clean irit Clean irit 16,451-7,124-40.14
Grimy irit Grimy irit 16,294-6,967-37.4
Grimy iritClean irit + Coconut milk = Antipoison++ (unf)

Grimy irit is cleaned to become clean irit added to a vial of coconut milk to make antipoison++ (unf)

Antipoison++ (unf) + Magic roots = Antipoison++ (3)
Then add magic roots to make a 4-dose Antipoison++.

Dropping monstersEdit

Antipoison++ potion (4)Edit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Corporeal Beast78540Uncommon


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