Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson
Jagex moderator crown Name Mod Wilson
Role Senior Content Developer
Team Content Developers
Project RuneScape
Employed 2005 ─ 2016[1]

Anthony Wilson, also known as Mod Wilson, was a senior content developer at Jagex.

For a period of time, Anthony worked on Stellar Dawn, an unreleased MMO by Jagex. He was moved back to work on RuneScape in 2011. He is most known for having made the greater part of the pirate quest series. In addition, he starred in the second episode of Above the Lore, talking mostly about the pirates and Bringing Home the Bacon.[2]



  • There are some references of Mod Wilson in the game, like the examine text of collars inside the petshop in Yanille, and the Wilson ball in Whale's Maw.


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