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This article is about The item in One Small Favour and King's Ransom. For the item in One of a Kind, see Animate Rock scroll.
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Animate rock scroll detail

The Animate rock scroll is a quest item used in the One Small Favour and King's Ransom quests. It contains the spell Um nahi listic durooo-rah. It is obtained by giving some iron oxide to Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne. The scroll is used on a girl named Petra who has been accidentally embedded into the rock face of a cave near the Fishing Guild. After using it on her, however, the player accidentally animates some nearby rocks, bringing Slagilith to life. The player must kill this creature before trying again and successfully releasing Petra. The animation of using this spell looks like Wind Surge.

Sometimes you are unable to cast this, and receive an in-game message, "You don't feel that you should cast this with enemies around". If this happens, kill the giant bats and goblins directly outside the room to fix the problem.

If you try to cast this with Slagilith alive, you would receive this message, "You're a little too busy fighting to cast that right now."

Once she has been freed, the player must return to Phantewti in Seers' Village in order to complete the next step in the quest.

In King's Ransom, it is needed to free King Arthur from the statue underneath the Black Knights' Fortress. The scroll is obtained again by simply talking to Wizard Cromperty.

If you have destroyed the scroll, you can make a new one by using Iron Oxide on an Emerald.


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Using animate rock scroll

A player using the Animate rock scroll

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