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Animal staves concept art

Concept art of the staves

Animal staves are a reward from elite clue scrolls. They resemble the animals of their mask counterparts. To equip an Animal Staff requires level 40 Magic, level 40 Attack, level 60 Prayer and level 20 Defence.

Animal staves have the attack stats of a mystic battlestaff, with the prayer bonuses of a Crozier. With the exception of the Cat Staff, each staff counts as an unlimited elemental rune type. If you wear a staff and its corresponding animal mask, you will be able to perform a 'totem animal' emote. These were released with the Elite Treasure Trail update.

Cat staff equipped

The Cat staff

The unlimited runes provided by each staff are:

Staff Runes provided Grand Exchange Price
Bat staff Bat Air rune Air 530,809
Penguin staff Penguin Water rune Water 475,777
Wolf staff Wolf Earth rune Earth 493,946
Dragon staff Dragon Fire rune Fire 544,065
Cat staff Cat None 528,711

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