Animal Apogee (#511)
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Release date 15 January 2008 (Update)
Members No
Location Summoning Obelisk under Pikkupstix's house, Taverley; summoning obelisk in the Nature grotto
Quest No
Unlock hint This track unlocks during Wolf Whistle.
Instruments Xylophone
Duration 02:39
Composer Adam Bond
Pikkupstix location
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Animal Apogee is a music track that is unlocked at the Summoning Obelisk in Pikkupstix's house, Taverley or at the summoning obelisk in the Nature Grotto. The song is also featured on Through The Ages Original Soundtrack.


In terms of mood, Animal Apogee attempts to create an air of relaxation and peacefulness, using a fairly plain tune and a slow beat, partially to be in keeping with Taverley's theme of harmony and closeness to nature.


  • This soundtrack was also played at RuneFest 2010.
  • Adam Bond & Adam Ritchie has remixed this song in 2 versions: Animal Allegory and Animal Rap-o-gee. These songs are downloadable from the RuneScape homepage under Community section - Downloads - Audio Assets.

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