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"Angel of Death" redirects here. For the gravestone, see Angel of Death (gravestone).
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This article contains information about an upcoming update.
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Nex: Angel of Death is an upcoming boss planned for release on 30 January 2017. The boss will be an extension of the original encounter, compared to how Rise of the Six was an addition to the original Barrows encounters. It will require group rather than solo combat and is intended to have a difficulty similar to that of Vorago hard mode and Yakamaru. The difficulty of the combat will be affected by the number of players present in a group, though not through increasing the boss's health or damage dealt by it. One of the rewards from the fight will be lore explaining the story behind Nex's relationship to Zaros, including the mention of Zaros preparing to give something to Nex which is made in Children of Mah. There will also be new prayers.[1][2]


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