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This article is about the pages from My notes. For other uses, see Ancient page (disambiguation).
Ancient page detail

Ancient pages are items which are sometimes obtained when rummaging barbarian skeletons or as monster drops in the Ancient Cavern. They are part of the book My notes. Duplicate pages may still be obtained before completion of My notes if rummaging skeletons. There are 26 different pages. Finding all the notes is a requirement for trimming the completionist cape and for obtaining the master quest cape. Because they are uncommon drops, My notes will take several hours to complete.


Page Examine
Page 1 This seems to have been torn from a book...
Page 2 This seems to have been torn from a tome...
Page 3 This seems to have been ripped from a diary...
Page 4 Was this once a shopping list?
Page 5 A tatty scrap of vellum.
Page 6 A historic document or just junk?
Page 7 An incomplete record.
Page 8 Vital or useless?
Page 9 Some information.
Page 10 Written hastily.
Page 11 Fragile parchment.
Page 12 Neatly noted.
Page 13 Hastily scrawled.
Page 14 The writer needed spelling lessons.
Page 15 I wonder who dropped this.
Page 16 It may have had an important seal once.
Page 17 Part of someone's homework?
Page 18 Damp and close to disintegration.
Page 19 It looks pretty old.
Page 20 Lucky they used waterproof ink.
Page 21 Could a dragon have written this?
Page 22 Tatty.
Page 23 Has both sorts of watermark.
Page 24 Smells disgusting.
Page 25 Tiny writing.
Page 26 The paper glows with some odd mould.

Dropping monstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Angry barbarian spiritN/A1Uncommon
Berserk barbarian spiritN/A1Uncommon
Enraged barbarian spiritN/A1Uncommon
Ferocious barbarian spiritN/A1Uncommon
Mithril dragonN/A1Uncommon
Skeleton bruteN/A1Uncommon
Skeleton heavyN/A1Uncommon
Skeleton heroN/A1Uncommon
Skeleton thugN/A1Rare
Skeleton warlordN/A1Rare


  • Pages can still be obtained after My notes has been completed. Dropped pages will always be the first page, while rummaging skeletons will still produce a random page.

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