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Ancient ceremonial robes equipped

The Ancient ceremonial robes are an armour set consisting of the Ancient ceremonial mask, Ancient ceremonial top, Ancient ceremonial legs, Ancient ceremonial gloves, and Ancient ceremonial boots. All the parts are dropped by Ancient mages, Fumus, Umbra, Cruor and Glacies in the God Wars Dungeon's Ancient Prison. Nex does not drop the robes. As of 21 February 2011, wearing a full set of ancient ceremonial robes allows players to proceed through the Ancient Prison without having to get the kill count. They provide no protection from god-aligned monsters nor do they possess stat bonuses of any sort, so food and other equipment should be taken. Alternatively, the shard of Zaros, rewarded after Fate of the Gods, acts as god protection to all factions in the dungeon, including those in the prison. The set also has an emote once all the parts are worn, which is activated by clicking "Activate" on the robe top. You can no longer use "Activate" in F2P servers. The full set of these robes can be stored in the armour case of a Player-owned house.


Ancient ceremonial robes set Grand Exchange cost
Ancient ceremonial maskAncient ceremonial mask32,615 [view]
Ancient ceremonial topAncient ceremonial top67,541 [view]
Ancient ceremonial legsAncient ceremonial legs46,480 [view]
Ancient ceremonial glovesAncient ceremonial gloves59,819 [view]
Ancient ceremonial bootsAncient ceremonial boots43,460 [view]
Total price249,915
[view] [talk]


Ceremonial emote

The emote that can be performed while wearing the robes.

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