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Ancient bones (The Restless Ghost) detail

Ancient bones are obtained by freeing the Restless ghost in Lumbridge during The Restless Ghost quest. They were added as a reward to help players become familiar with prayer training. Each bone gives 200 prayer experience when buried. As a result, ancient bones yield the highest amount of prayer experience out of any bone in the game, surpassing Rune dragon bones by 10 experience, and are tied with searing ashes, also giving the same amount.


Five ancient bones are obtained as a reward from the Restless Ghost quest. If players already completed the quest prior to the release of these bones, players can receive them simply by talking to Father Aereck again.

Limitations and differencesEdit

Ancient bones have many differences compared to normal bones. They are listed below:

  • They cannot be ground at the Ectofuntus. If players try to grind Ancient bones at the Ectofuntus, they will get a message saying "You have no bones suitable for grinding." If players use the bones on the hopper at the Ectofuntus, they will get a message saying "These bones are too special to grind."
  • They cannot be offered at a Gilded Altar. If players try to offer Ancient Bones at an altar, they will get a message saying "You cannot offer these bones." This happens at any altar, not just those in a player-owned house.
  • They cannot have their experience boosted when buried after burning a Pyre ship.
  • Unlike all other types of bones, servants will carry them.
  • They cannot have their experience doubled by the prayer experience bonus obtained during the October 2012 Festival of the Dead activity.
  • Bonus XP Weekend does affect the experience gained when burying the bones.
  • They cannot be cremated on a fire. If players try to use the Ancient Bones on a fire, they will get a message saying "you can't cook that on a fire".


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