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This article is about a trade good obtained through player-owned ports. For the bones rewarded from the Restless Ghost quest, see Ancient bones (item).
Ancient bones

Ancient bones are used in the creation of scrimshaws at a Scrimshaw Crafter, as well as death lotus darts and their off-hand counterparts at the workbench. It is a reward from completing the Biologist and Missionary storylines, as well as a reward from their specific voyages, and some standard voyages.

If one wishes to 'farm' Ancient bones, it is recommended to build one/two Biologist and one/two Missionary statues, and use their standalone voyages. There is no joint voyage for Ancient bones, unlike other trade goods.

Fletching a scrimshaw requires 10 Ancient bones per scrimshaw created. Fletching a set of 25 lotus darts requires 1 set of ancient bones and 25 ascension shards. The maximum amount of Ancient bones a player can store at one time is 250. Any successful voyages after this will not increase the total.

Superior scrimshawsEdit

Superior scrimshaws are untradable, and last 4 hours.

Item Level to make
Superior log-splitting scrimshaw Superior log-splitting scrimshaw 85 Fletching-icon
Superior rock-crushing scrimshaw Superior rock-crushing scrimshaw
Whopper-baiting scrimshaw Superior whopper-baiting scrimshaw
Superior gem-finding scrimshaw Superior gem-finding scrimshaw 90 Fletching-icon
Superior tree-shaking scrimshaw Superior tree-shaking scrimshaw
Casket-salvaging scrimshaw Superior casket-salvaging scrimshaw
Superior scrimshaw of cruelty Superior scrimshaw of cruelty 92 Fletching-icon
Superior scrimshaw of the elements Superior scrimshaw of the elements
Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism
Superior scrimshaw of magic Superior scrimshaw of magic 95 Fletching-icon
Superior scrimshaw of ranging Superior scrimshaw of ranging
Superior scrimshaw of attack Superior scrimshaw of attack


Regular scrimshaws are tradable at the prices below, and last 3 hours. Based on the GE prices of the regular Scrimshaws, an approximate value for Ancient bones can be calculated as follows:

Item GE price GP per Ancient bone Level
Log-splitting scrimshaw Log-splitting scrimshaw 784,570 78,457 85 Fletching-icon
Rock-crushing scrimshaw Rock-crushing scrimshaw 1,123,511 112,351
Whopper-baiting scrimshaw Whopper-baiting scrimshaw 1,449,394 144,939
Gem-finding scrimshaw Gem-finding scrimshaw 989,160 98,916 90 Fletching-icon
Tree-shaking scrimshaw Tree-shaking scrimshaw 1,024,510 102,451
Casket-salvaging scrimshaw Casket-salvaging scrimshaw 1,312,835 131,284
Scrimshaw of cruelty Scrimshaw of cruelty 1,714,207 171,421 92 Fletching-icon
Scrimshaw of the elements Scrimshaw of the elements 1,701,857 170,186
Scrimshaw of vampyrism Scrimshaw of vampyrism 1,699,750 169,975
Scrimshaw of magic Scrimshaw of magic 1,723,478 172,348 95 Fletching-icon
Scrimshaw of ranging Scrimshaw of ranging 1,736,983 173,698
Scrimshaw of attack Scrimshaw of attack 1,713,172 171,317

Thrown weaponsEdit

Note: The opportunity cost of these is far greater than their GE cost. Value the ancient bone at a tenth of the most valuable scrimshaw you can create.

Item Resources needed Grand Exchange cost Level
Death lotus dart Death lotus dart25 1 Ancient bones 25 Ascension shard 8,025 92 Fletching-icon
Off-hand death lotus dart Off-hand death lotus dart25 1 Ancient bones 25 Ascension shard 8,025

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