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Anchovy pizza detail

Anchovy pizza is a food item created when adding cooked anchovies to a plain pizza. It requires level 55 Cooking and provides 40 experience. If made from scratch, it provides 185 experience. It heals up to 1,374 life points in two bites, healing 687 life points each; this makes it the second highest healing tradeable free-to-play food, with the swordfish being the best with a healing of 1,400 life points.

However, when combined with expensive spices it heals additional 100 life points because it is a two-bite food. Thus making this the highest healing item with expensive spices.

As with all two-bite free-to-play foods (not including 2/3 cake or 2/3 chocolate cake), the first bite can be consumed with a lower delay than other foods, allowing it and the second bite (or a different food) to be consumed in the same amount of time that a single piece of standard food can be eaten. This ability is often exploited in free-to-play PvP situations, where players avoid knockout blows by eating the first half of a pizza along with a swordfish to heal a total of 2087 life points. Alternatively, it is often used to "tank" clans by eating several first halves to quickly heal.

Although combining anchovies and plain pizzas gives the player experience, the action will not fill a cooking urn. The same applies for meat pizzas and pineapple pizzas.

Tools/Utensils None
Ingredients Plain pizza, Anchovies
Cooking-icon Level 55
Level at which it stops burning Unknown edit
Cooking-icon Experience 39
Range Only? Yes
Instructions To make Anchovy pizza:
  1. Use Plain pizza > Anchovies


This item can be disassembled with the Invention skill.
Disassembly XP ?1.6
Item quantity required ?1
Base junk chance ?39.5%
Total materials received ?1
Possible materials
Organic parts Organic parts
Crafted parts Crafted parts
Living components Living components
Healthy components Healthy components
Enhancing components Enhancing components

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