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This article is about the cooked version. For the raw version, see Raw anchovies.
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Anchovies detail

Anchovies are an edible seafood item available to everyone. Eating anchovies heals 200 life points.

Any player may cook on a range or fire to gain 30 Cooking experience points (33 on a bonfire), as level 1 Cooking is the only requirement. Players stop burning them at level 34 cooking. By themselves, anchovies have limited utility in training Cooking or for restoring life points, especially for higher-levelled players.

However, they have two other uses.

  1. They are an ingredient for the popular anchovy pizzas, which players can make at level 55 Cooking and which heal 1,374 life points each, making them the highest-healing food available to non-members.
  2. Anchovy oil, obtained by mashing anchovies with a pestle and mortar and straining the resulting anchovy paste with a sieve, is an ingredient in imp repellent, which in turn can be distilled to make impling jars from butterfly jars. Doing this awards the player with 1 Herblore experience.

Raw anchovies can be caught using a small net at any net fishing spot.

Assuming no burning, each raw anchovy cooked would yield a profit/loss of 2 coins.

Tools/utensils None
Ingredients Raw anchovies
Fishing-icon level 15
Fishing method Small net
Fishing spot Net/Bait
Fishing-icon experience 40
Cooking-icon level 1
Burn level 34
Cooking-icon experience Range: 30
Bonfire: 33
Range-only No
Instructions Use raw anchovies with range or fire.
Servings 1

Dropping monsters Edit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Baby implingN/A1Common
H.A.M. MemberN/A1Common


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  • Despite looking like blue shrimp in RuneScape, they are actually a family of fish in the real world.

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