For the energy harvested, see ancestral energy.
Ancestral energy
Ancestral energy (spring)
Release date 10 October 2016 (Update)
Level 95
Experience 53.5
Energy Ancestral energy
Memory N/A
Location Uncharted Isles
A spring of balanced anima. Tranquil calm soothes you as you approach.

Ancestral energy are Divination springs found on Uncharted Isles. They bleed out from the island's anima, leaking from the cracked head of a Dead moai. They require a Divination level of at least 95 to harvest, which is non-boostable. 75 Ancestral energy can be obtained from each spring before exhausting the energy from it. Four springs can be found around the leaking Moai head. It takes roughly 8.5 minutes to deplete a spring, which gives about 14,800 experience.

At level 99, harvesting from these springs grants around 107,000 experience and 1,200 chimes an hour. Using a diviner's outfit and elder divination outfit grants 121,000 experience and 1,285 chimes an hour.

It is possible for chronicle fragments to escape from these springs while harvesting energy. A Cyansoul Kakapo may also be encountered near these springs.

Wearing the divination energy, chronicle, or memory outfit will occasionally grant double experience when harvesting from the ancestral energy spring. Additionally, the elder divination outfit will occasionally give 1 extra energy when receiving energy from the ancestral spring. A (superior) energy-gathering scrimshaw will occasionally double the amount of energy received - these can stack to give 7 energy instead of 3.

A (superior) memory-crushing scrimshaw will often destroy collected energy, granting doubled experience. This can stack with the divination outfits, giving triple experience. The elder outfit can still increase the energy, but only if it is not destroyed by the scrimshaw.


  • Previously, the animation used while harvesting a standard spring was also used while harvesting ancestral springs. It lasted a fraction of the time it took to deplete an ancestral spring, causing players to appear to temporarily stand idle in front of the spring while energies were harvested. This has since been corrected.

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