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Anagogic ort detail

Anagogic orts are rocks gained by members when killing monsters or skilling whilst in a clan. A maximum of 200 orts can be picked up each day, regardless of means, with the timer resetting at midnight UTC. They are given to the Clan Avatar, usually to obtain buffs (e.g., bonus xp while on the same world as the avatar) by giving 300 per week either at the avatar itself or at the Quartermaster. Accounts playing on Ironman Mode cannot receive anagogic orts. These were made into a virtual currency with the 11 January 2016 update, but all existing orts still remained and can be converted. The current limit of orts that a player can have at any time in storage is 200,000.

Orts are dropped by monsters that also drop unnoted herbs and have access to the rare drop table. For example, goblins drops herbs, so they are eligible for dropping orts. Although bosses like General Graardor do not have any unnoted herb drops, they do have access to the rare drop table, so they will drop orts as well. Bosses that drop multiple rare drop table drops at a time, such as Nex, will drop 40 orts instead (20 for each rare drop table item).

Skilling players receive a message to let them know they got some, saying: Some anagogic orts fall to the floor. This message may be filtered and will not appear unless the player has their game chat set to all. Since 11 January 2016, the anagogic orts picked up are sent to storage instead of being kept in the inventory; the message now says You now have x/200,000 orts in storage. Orts are dropped on the floor under the player's feet even if the player has spare inventory space. Players receive between 1 and 33 orts a time from skilling, and do not need to be a full member of a clan to obtain anagogic orts.

Players can stop receiving orts as a drop by talking to Captain of the Guard found in the Clan Camp, selecting "How do I stop getting anagogic orts?", and responding "Yes" to "Are you sure you want to turn OFF anagogic ort drops?". Leaving a clan will destroy any anagogic orts the player has collected so far.

Ways to receive anagogic ortsEdit

Through combatEdit

Amount Monsters
20 Most monsters that drop unnoted herbs, seeds or 1 RDT drop.
40 Monsters that drop 2 RDT drops, RDT drop from Tormented Demons
100 RDT drop from the Kalphite King
120 "Uncuts" drop from the Corporeal Beast

Through skillingEdit

Skill Actions Actions that don't give anagogic orts
Construction All types of furniture, building mode None
Cooking All fish, all pies, all cakes None
Crafting All dragonhide armour, all battlestaves, robust glass, making and blowing glass , citadel looms, all rings, all bracelets, all urns and when using a Spinning Wheel. Using a pottery oven (a pottery wheel does give orts)
Divination Collecting from wisps, converting memories. Weaving energy
Farming All plants, herbs, trees Weeding, and making compost
Firemaking All normal fires, bonfires and pyre logs 10-20 while burning Yew Logs
Fishing All fish Fish Flingers, Shilo Village fly fishing
Fletching All logs into bows, including on a portable fletcher Stringing bows, making headless arrows, making arrowshafts
Herblore Cleaning herbs and making potions Herbicide
Hunter All types of jadinkos, chinchompa, falconry, and salamander hunting Barehanding butterflies
Mining All ores, clay, red sandstone Shooting stars
Runecrafting Siphoning creatures in the Runespan, all normal runes Yellow wizard in Runespan
Smithing All bars, all equipment Blast Furnace
Thieving All pickpocketing Pyramid Plunder
Woodcutting All trees, curly/straight roots, clan trees, Sawmill jobs Evil trees, using a woodcutting stump

The following skills do not drop anagogic orts:


  • Ort is a Middle English word meaning left-over, turned to a whole, or a leftover scrap from a meal.
  • Anagogic is the adjective form of anagoge, which means "The spiritual or mystical interpretation of a word or passage beyond the literal, allegorical or moral sense (especially in Biblical criticism)."
  • After the first day of release, the colour of the message saying some orts fell on the floor was changed from white to green.
  • There was a glitch with the skypouncer and bloodpouncer pets that allows you to gather more than 200 orts a day. Any orts picked up by their scavenge ability would not count towards the cap of 200 orts a day. This has been fixed.
  • Barbarian fishing used to not drop orts. An update some time at around March or April 2015 made it so they now drop orts.

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