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Ana in a barrel chathead

Ana in a barrel is a quest item used by the player during the Tourist Trap quest. It is the result of using a Barrel on Ana, which is used to smuggle her out of the mining camp she has been imprisoned in.


  • When players go to the equipment menu and check the stats she says "It's rude to ask a lady about her weight!"
  • Should players attempt to alchemise the barrel with her, a message appears in the chatbox saying, "You can't do that to the poor girl!"
  • If players try to teleport while carrying Ana, they will drop her first.
  • Previously when Ana had been put into the minecart, the examine text for the cart would still be "It's an empty mine cart." even though Ana in a barrel was in it. This has since been corrected to "It's Ana... in a barrel... in a mine cart."

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