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Classic Runestone
This article is about the equipable amulet. For the amulet when mounted in a player-owned house, see Amulet of glory (mounted).
Old School RuneScape icon
Amulet of glory
Amulet of glory
Release date 27 February 2002 (Update)
Members? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
High Alch 10,575 coins
Low Alch 7,050 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Exchange price Uncharged:
10,189 coins
4 charges:
10,513 coins
Examine Uncharged: A very powerful dragonstone amulet.
1-4 charges: A dragonstone amulet with X magic charges.
Weight 0 kg
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Amulet of glory detail

The Amulet of glory is a Dragonstone amulet enchanted by the Magic spell Enchant Level 5 Jewellery. It is a very popular amulet in members-only worlds amongst players of all levels, as it provides good damage bonuses, has no requirements to wear, is much less expensive than the Amulet of fury, and offers useful teleports. A trimmed version, the Amulet of glory (t), may be obtained from hard Treasure Trails, but is no different than a normal amulet of glory aside from appearance and price.

Combat Stats
Skill requirements
Class Slot
None Neck slot
Weapons Main Off
Damage - -
Accuracy - -
Style - -
Defence-icon Armour rating0
Constitution-icon Life bonus0
Prayer-icon Prayer bonus2
Style bonuses
Strength-icon26 Ranged-icon26 Magic-icon26
Amulet of glory equipped
A player wearing an amulet of glory

Dropping monstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Revenant demon 98 1 Rare
Revenant hellhound 90 1 Rare
Revenant ork 105 1 Rare
Revenant dark beast 120 1 Very rare
Dragon impling N/A (Hunter) 2–3 (noted) Common
Kingly impling N/A (Hunter) 3–11 (noted) Uncommon
Revenant Knight 126 1 Rare


Enchanted jewellery teleport

A player using enchanted jewellery to teleport.

The Amulet of glory is useful when travelling in the Wilderness, as this amulet will work up to Level 30 Wilderness, while most other means of teleportation will not work above Level 20 Wilderness. Players can access the teleports by either rubbing it in their inventory and selecting their destination from the option box which appears, or they can right click it when equipped and select one of their destinations. This amulet has a maximum of four charges, and teleports are available to the following 4 locations:

All 4 teleport locations allow access to other transportation grids. From Edgeville, players may use the Canoe system to travel up and down River Lum, the Fairy ring system accessible to the east of Edgeville and using the underwall tunnel to the Grand Exchange (level 21 Agility required), access to the Spirit Tree network and the dwarven carts. Karamja teleport puts the player close to the Charter ships system. Draynor Village is close to Port Sarim for transportation for boats, or the Fairy Ring to the south. Note that, to get even closer to transportation for boats, without wasting an amulet's charge, players may also use the teleport to cabbage patch option found in an Explorer's ring 3, a reward from the medium Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks, or they may just teleport to the Port Sarim lodestone. Al Kharid teleport is at Shantay Pass, allowing access to the Kharidian Desert, as well as the Gnome glider to the north. Also note that most of the teleports are close to a bank (Edgeville, Draynor Village and Al Kharid). For the Karamja teleport, the closest bank is in TzHaar City.

On the 7 October 2009 update, the Amulet of glory was updated to allow a person to teleport more effectively when the amulet is equipped. Originally, the amulet had 3 options when equipped (Remove, Operate and Examine) but now has 6 options (Remove, Examine and 1 for each of the teleport spots). This significantly cuts down on teleport operation time.

On 24 June 2013, the Al Kharid teleportation option now teleports the player to Shantay Pass.


After all four charges are used, it can be recharged by using it on the Fountain of Heroes below the Heroes' Guild or on the Tears of Seren in the Cadarn area of Prifddinas. By doing so once, all carried Amulets of glory, including worn ones and ones with charges remaining, will be fully recharged to 4 charges. Access to the Heroes' Guild, however, requires the completion of Heroes' Quest and access to Prifddinas requires the completion of Plague's End and all other quests in the elf quest line. This amulet may not be charged in noted form. Also, Amulets in the Beast of Burden inventory will not charge either.

There are several ways to reach the Heroes Guild quickly. The fastest and cheapest method is to use Home Teleport to Burthorpe and run slightly southeast to the Guild. Other methods include:

  • If one has completed Love Story, they may modify a house tablet to teleport to the Taverley house portal and then run north to Heroes' Guild for a recharge.

At level 89 Summoning, a Geyser titan can be used to recharge Amulets of glory by using them on the familiar. This negates the need to travel to the Heroes' Guild fountain. Sometimes if you ask nicely, other players with a geyser titan summoned will agree to charge your glories for you. Typically, they will either trade you charged glories for your uncharged ones, or they will temporarily buy your glories from you, charge them, and sell them back to you. Note: Be careful, as some players scam other players by offering to charge them for you, but do not return them after charging them. NEVER engage in trust-trading for any reason.

On the Grand Exchange, Amulets of glory are noted as either "Amulet of glory" for an uncharged amulet or "Amulet of glory(4)" for a charged amulet. Be sure to note this distinction when purchasing.

Other usesEdit

If the Amulet of glory has any charges, wearing it while Mining will increase the chances of finding gems. Wearing it when mining the Shilo Village gem rocks will also increase the speed at which gems are mined. As the ring of wealth gives a chance to receive two gems instead of one when one receives a gem while mining, it complements this effect of the amulet of glory well.

At level 47 Construction, the Amulet of glory can be mounted in a Player-owned house, within the Quest Hall. This will require an uncharged Amulet of glory, and 3 Teak planks. While mounted, this amulet can be used to provide unlimited teleports from one's house. It is possible to use boosts for this, such as the Crystal saw. Mounting the Amulet of glory in a Player-owned house does not require the completion of Heroes' Quest.

Amulets of glory are beneficial while fishing on Karamja. A player can teleport back and forth from the Karamja fishing spot and the Edgeville bank with minimal walking. However, most would prefer to fish at Catherby as it is closer to a bank and does not require the use of an amulet.

Amulets of glory are very useful for Runecrafting through the Abyss, granting a fast way to return to Edgeville.

Amulets of glory can also be used for runecrafting Law runes by taking the boat to Entrana, then teleporting to Draynor Village to bank the runes.

Amulets of glory are useful for farming. With the allotment patch west of the Ectofuntus, one can teleport to the patch with the Ectophial and teleport to a bank with the Amulet of glory. With the allotment patch north-west of Draynor Village, one can teleport to the patch with the Explorer's Ring 3 and teleport to the Edgeville bank with the Amulet of glory.


  • The 'increased-gem' ability of the Amulet of glory seems to affect mining not only in a members' world, but in free-to-play worlds as well, even when you're not a member at the moment.
  • Although the amulet of glory is a member's object the teleports it provides are to free-to-play spots.
  • With the release of the Monastery of Ascension the amulet was given the capability to teleport players from a Wilderness level of up to 40.
  • While worn, there are small dragonstones on the outside of the amulet, but these are not present on the inventory icon or when mounted in a player-owned house.

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