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Amphibious jadinko
Amphibious jadinko
Release date 24 November 2010 (Update)
Hunter level 77
Experience 485
Location Herblore Habitat
Trap Marasamaw plant
Preferred bait Withered vine
Retaliation No
Loot Oily vine, fruit tree seeds
Examine A froggish plant creature.
Amphibious jadinko icon

The amphibious jadinko is a creature found in Herblore Habitat. It requires 77 Hunter to trap. When caught, it gives 485 Hunter experience, an oily vine, and a chance at fruit tree seeds. To attract this jadinko players must plant a blue vine blossom, a lergberry bush, and build a pond habitat. As with other plant requirements in Herblore Habitat, the correct combination will take effect as soon as it is planted/built. It is not necessary to wait for the plants to grow.

Players can gain up to 137,000 Hunter experience an hour from hunting amphibious jadinkos, with level 99 Hunter.

Seed drop percentages
Seed Percent


Flower seeds
Not dropped
Herb seeds
Not dropped
Bush seeds
Not dropped
Tree seeds
Apple tree seed 5 Apple


Orange tree seed 5 Orange


Banana tree seed 5 Banana


Harvest Heaven
Barberry seed 5 Barberry


Butterfly flower seed 5 Butterfly flower


Fly trap seed 5 Fly trap


Grapevine seed 5 Grapevine


Potato cactus seed 5 Potato cactus


Prickly pear seed 5 Prickly pear


Reed seed 5 Reed


Snape grass seed 5 Snape grass


Sunchoke seed 5 Sunchoke


Wishing well bush seed 5 Wishing well


Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 1,000 drops. Please add to the log!

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